Thursday, November 1, 2012


It's been a very tiring first day!

We are pleased to announce the birth of our new baby girl....Millie

She was born at around 11am on the eve of Halloween and weighed in at 6:75kgs

Both mother Martina and baby are doing well. Millie was slightly premature, but she was up on her feet very quickly and feeding within half an hour.

We had been monitoring Lilly, who is also heavily pregnant, for the past couple of weeks, so when Lin discovered the baby in the stable yesterday morning, we assumed it was hers. Imagine our surprise when we realised it was Martina's

Millie is the first cria to be sired by our beloved Lorca, so we're really excited about that, especially as she is a little girl. You may remember that after mating with Martina, Lorca travelled to France, to hopefully fulfil his potential.

Sadly, he will not get the opportunity of seeing his baby, but he should be very proud as she is adorable!

We now await the birth of Lilly's baby, which we hope will arrive sooner rather than later, as there is quite a bit of rain forecast for next week!  

Fingers crossed......

Leah checks out the newborn baby..

Millie finding her feet for the first time..

Centre of attraction on her first day...

Luna desperate to join the party, whilst Jack looks on quietly...

 Already leader of the pack...

A kiss from Mum...

and a sniff from Auntie Leah

'Nice view... I think I might like it here Mum'

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