Friday, July 18, 2008


Hooray, Nuri has finally discovered that she really is a Perro de Agua (Spanish Water Dog) We now have trouble keeping her out of the pool, as she likes to have a few lengths on her own before breakfast!!

However, Luna is not quite sure of her origins at the moment and is reluctant to take the plunge. With a little persuasion she will stand on the first step of the pool, but that’s as far as she will go!

As you can see, we have taken the opportunity of publishing a couple of up to date photograph of the house and garden.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


' Mateo' - two days old!

Martina - a proud mother!

First steps - steady does it!

Where did everybody go?

What is that on the end of my nose!

Lilly and Lorca (two months old)


Mateo - one hour old..............

We are pleased to announce the birth of our second Alpaca cria. He was born to Martina at around 9.30am last Sunday morning the 29th June and was a couple of weeks premature! We have named him ‘Mateo’ which means 'A Gift from God' Very appropriate in view of the circumstances! He weighed in at a healthy 6.75 kgs, which was surprising as he was two weeks premature and within half an hour of being born managed to walk the 400 metres to the bottom of the field! I had to carry him back mind you!

As you can see from the amazing photographs, we were fortunate enough to be present at the birth. I (Mike) was in the process of feeding them on that Sunday morning when Martina suddenly went into labour! You can imagine my surprise when I looked round to see a head appear from Martina'a back end!! After running around like a headless chicken, charging off to get Lin and the hot towels etc, we relaxed into it and witnessed a pretty straightforward birth at last!

Having never experienced anything like it before, it really was the most touching and rewarding moment and one we will never forget!