Friday, March 27, 2009


My beautiful daughters Sophie & Becky

I had to travel to London on a legal matter, so Lin and I thought it would be a good opportunity to spend the weekend with my daughters Sophie and Becky, having not seen them for sometime.

And what a lovely weekend it turned out to be. Following business meetings and a shopping trip to Oxford Street with my business partner Carole, during the day on Friday, I travelled up to Stevenage on the train and spent the evening with our old neighbours June & Roger. As a surprise, they had invited Anne and Tony Charles over for the evening (our old friends from church) and we all had a Chinese Meal together and reminisced on old times.

On the Saturday morning, I had an early haircut at my old barbers in Stevenage, before June ran me down to Welham Green, where my youngest daughter Becky lives, who then drove us down to Winchester, where Sophie (my eldest daughter) is at University. She is studying Textiles, Fashion and Fibre, specializing in Pathway Weave. Sophie is living on campus for the first year. Below is a photograph of her room!

Both Sophie and Becky are excellent drivers I’m pleased and relieved to say.

We stayed at a great bed and breakfast in a superb Georgian house at 58 Hyde Street in the centre of Winchester, run by a charming couple Julian and Guinevere Harvey. Highly recommended!

On the Saturday night we went 10 Pin Bowling in Southampton, which was great fun and on the Sunday we met up with Lin’s brother Barrie and his wife Jeanne for lunch in Bournemouth, where we were joined by Jeanne’s brother Geoff and his wife Kathy.

After lunch we went back to Barrie and Jeanne’s new apartment in Bournemouth which is really lovely; elegant, light and airy; interesting views from all sides and situated in a great location.

Becky then drove me back to June and Roger’s on the Sunday evening, where I stayed for the night. Well I say the night!! June, who is a real trooper, took me to the airport at 5am in the morning for the seven o’clock Monarch flight back to Malaga! Thank you June; you’re a star!

It was a very memorable and enjoyable weekend and it was a joy to see that my daughters have grown up into two beautiful young ladies!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Wednesday 11th March 2009

I’m really sorry that I have not been able to update our BLOG for sometime, but we have been really busy, what with the olive harvest and one thing or another.

The olive harvest this year was disastrous, due to the unpresidented amount of rain we had here during December and January, which caused a number of problems for virtually all of the local olive groves. Normally the harvest would be completed by mid-January, but this year the olives where still being picked at the beginning of March. Although,we did as much as we could before the Co-operative closed for the season, we were about 150kgs down on last year.

On a happier note, Lin is traveling to Cyprus for 12 days at the beginning of April to visit her son Guy (who is now also working in Cyprus) and his wife Amanda, her daughter Lisa (who has now been residing in Cyprus for sometime) and Grandson Alex.

Lin is flying into Bournemouth on the 1st April, where she will spend a few days with her brother Barrie and his wife Jeanne in their new apartment there. Unfortunately, there has been some complications with Barrie's last heart operation, so he is going to be in hospital on the day of her arrival. However, hopefully, he will only be in the one day, so will be able to spend some time with Lin on the Thursday.

On the Friday 3rd April Lin is meeting her other grandson Oliver at Gatwick Airport and they will fly over to Paphos together, which will be nice for them both.

While Lin is away I will make a real effort to get up to date with our BLOG and tell you all about our recent adventures.

In the meantime, I have published a couple of photographs of the sunset we enjoyed earlier this month. Although, you can never captured the natural beauty of sunsets on film, I hope you like them.